Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Searching for an MDM strategy

I saw a curious article called "Informatica addresses master data management" in which I expected some sort of product announcement or acquisition that would launch Informatica into the MDM space. Yet you can scour the article for as long as you like in search of anything resembling a product announcement. It seems that Informatica "supports" MDM, which is fair enough in that they of course provide one of the main data integration technologies out there, and so indeed can move master data (amongst other data) around. However they had the exact same technology yesterday, so exactly what had changed?

It seems to me that Informatica is crying out for an MDM strategy of some kind, perhaps via a partnership or even an acquisition (though most of the juicy MDM titbits like Razza have already been gobbled up). Given that Informatica has data quality capability via the Similarity Systems acqusition, and its focus on data integration, it would be a natural extension to move into MDM proper. So, when will the other shoe drop?


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