Monday, March 20, 2006

The data warehouse market breaks into a trot

The latest figures from IDC (who, by the way, are by far the most reliable of the analyst forms when it comes to quantitative estimates) is that the data warehouse market will grow at a 9% compound rate from now through to 2009, reaching USD 13.5 billion in size (up from USD 10 billion today), as reported in an article on the 17th of March. Gartner also reckon that this market is growing at twice the pace of the overall IT market (their estimates are slightly lower, but would trust IDC' more when it comes to figures). It would be interesting to see the proportion of this that is packaged data warehouse software (see the recent report by Bloor) but unfortunately they don't split out the data in this way. This figures does not include services, but based on other analyst estimates this market is at least three times this size; there never seems to be any shortage of need for systems integrators.

Given all the billions spent on ERP systems in the last ten years or so, it is about time that more attention was paid to actually trying to make sense of the data captured in these and other transaction processing systems, which for a long time have consumed the lion's share of IT development budgets. After all, there is likely to be more value in spotting trends and anomalies in the business than in merely automating processes that were previously manual, or in just shifting from one transaction processing system to another.


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